Welcome to Murphy’s Law!

‘there is no such thing as a friendly chat with a policeman’ … so say nothing.

Have you been wrongly searched or arrested? Do you feel that the police are out to criminalise everyone?

We can’t let unchecked police misconduct lead to erosion of public trust and respect. So murphyslaw.org.uk provides information and support to young people, particularly new ‘offenders’, who feel they have been wrongly searched, arrested or convicted.

The police rely on kids doing nothing about illegal searches and other abuses. Hell, it’ll be your parents that’ll get off their arses and help you – cos you can’t be bothered. ‘It happens all the time’ is not a reason for it to go on.

On this site you will also find information, written by experienced, practicing solicitors, on how best to protect yourself when dealing with the police.

This site does not condone, nor support, criminal activity in any way – by you or the police. It’s just some kid’s pissed off Dad trying to redress the balance a bit.


We are indebted to Michael Oswald of leading solicitors Bhatt Murphy for making sure we got the legal bits right on this site. Thanks guys! Thanks also to the other contributing experts named as you look around.