Common police ‘tactics’ against kids of any colour.

Common police ‘tactics’ against kids of any colour.

Here’s some ways the police try and ‘engage’ kids when they have no grounds to

  • ‘Tell me if you’ve got something on you that you shouldn’t have – and I wont arrest you’Yes they will – and do. Strip search, the lot. So don’t tell them. Remember – they can’t search you without good reason. So don’t do their job for them! Keep quiet – be polite.
  • Why are you walking away?’ Of course you’re not – you’re minding your own business. If the Police can’t think of an excuse to stop you then this is a favorite. They’ve no way of justifying a stop unless they can pretend you’re acting suspiciously. And if you’re not – they’ll pretend. Its not nice but it happens.
  • ‘There was a crime around here the other day/month and you’re wearing the same jacket, trousers, or whatever.’Of course you’re not. But they’ve stopped you. Ask them to tell you what the ‘crime’ was, when it happened and why they think you’re of interest to them. They’ve got a back foot – find it!
  • ‘Lets have a quiet chat’ They don’t want to talk to you for your health. You may want to politely decline!
  • ‘It’s only a caution – it’s not a criminal record’Don’t accept a caution without talking to a lawyer – just don’t. The police will say a caution is only a minor thing – its not a criminal record. Jokes! A caution IS a criminal record. Remember that!
  • This is a favorite of Inspector Aidan Whelan: ‘Tell me your name or your mate gets an £80 fine for drinking in public’ Not that its illegal! Nice man. He’s noted for not giving out his number or his name, and physically grabs kids without good excuse.
  • Here’s a bit of fun. Two kids in the street. Daytime. Police van pulls up, out they all jump, kick kids against a wall, pull down their trousers, search them, find nothing. Drive off.

    Why are kids starting to think that perhaps the only time the police will risk lying is if their lips are moving and there’s a sound coming out?

It’s surely just as corrupt to mess with kids like this as it is to spy on the Lawrence family? Come on police – get your culture sorted! We’ve got a right to privacy, guys! We’ve all gotta live here!

Tell us what the police said to you.

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